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Composers at Woodlands

Access Statement

Our properties are set on the edge of the village of Scremereston, 2 miles from Berwick Upon Tweed and with easy access to the main A1 road.

We offer 4 properties and each property has a maximum capacity of 4 persons.  In addition, a child under the age of 2 using a travel cot, can be included along with the 4 persons.

We have tried to meet the needs of all our guests and, during the planning stage, we made application to the local council to build properties which would lend themselves to a wide variety of users who were either fully mobile or who may require minimal basic aids and adaption’s to help them make the most of their stay if they did have some form of limited mobility.

In the final plans we were restricted to a pattern of development which did not allow us to fulfill all our ambitions but which did conform to the wishes of the Planning Office(r). Access to the first floor bedrooms is by stairs only; we do not have a lift. On the ground level is a fitted bathroom suite with full size bath, a separate shower cubicle, toilet and hand wash basin.

The whole of the ground floor is accessible on one level and the open plan aspect of the ground floor make moving about easy for anyone with limited mobility or sight.

We are located up a drive from the road level, with good vehicular access to the loading and unloading facility into properties.
The nearest shops are 1 mile away at a small retail park and further general shopping is available in Berwick upon Tweed which is 2 miles away.
The local bus stop is 250m from ‘Composers’ and provides a limited link to Berwick, Alnwick, Newcastle, Edinburgh and other local villages and towns. Timetables can be provided on request.
The nearest railway station is Berwick on Tweed, 3 miles from ‘Composers’. It is on the main East Coast Rail Line from London to Edinburgh and offers excellent access to all parts of the country. Taxis are available at the station.

We cannot accommodate pets and have a no smoking policy, including the use of E-cigarette & Vaping, effective throughout all the properties and the grounds of ‘Composers at Woodlands.’  BBQ's are not permitted.

‘Composers’ is designed for the needs of many differing types of guest and for a variety of durations.  We welcome individuals, couples and family groups. We ask everyone to respect their fellow guests.

We can prepare documents in large print if required.

Our website gives clear details, a variety of up to date pictures and general information about our locality and the surrounding area. There is also a clear statement of information about ‘Composers’ and our business in providing superb accommodation and services in line with our high star rating.

You can contact us by telephone, text message, post or e‐mail. Full details are provided at the conclusion of this document.

Arrival and Car Parking
We offer a 2 hr arrival 'window' for our guests. If this window of arrival is not suitable we are happy to make alternative arrangements so that we offer the same high level of welcome at whatever time a guest may check in.

To ensure accommodation is ready, we ask that guests do not arrive before the arrival time of 16.00hrs. Earlier arrival is only possible by prior arrangement. Arrival parking is in the level car park area adjacent to properties and our Office Reception.

Long stay parking is in our dedicated guest car park where there is adequate space for 6 cars. Parking ‘nose’ forward into the marked spaces ensure everyone has room to park easily. To leave the car park, it is best to reverse out of the space, and then face towards the exit when leaving. Cars should not be reversed out to the road. 7 upward steps from the car park lead to the level access to properties. Each step is 4” (10cm) deep.

On arrival please use the courtyard for unloading and also use this area throughout your stay for loading and unloading. It is not a permanent parking area and guests should use the guest car park at all other times.

Main Office Reception
The entrance to the Office Reception is from the level courtyard and via a paved footpath. Adjacent to our office is a secure shed where guests may store bikes and golf equipment.

Entrance to each property from the level courtyard area
There is level access to Elgar, Bernstein and Vivaldi from the courtyard. The entrance into Chopin is up one step which is 4”(10cm) from ground level. Each entry door has a security coded keypad with a unique code, known only to the guest and the owners of ‘Composers’. It is changed regularly. Each front entry door has a single lever handle to aid closing.

Entrance from the Guest Car Park
There is an electric gate at the entrance to the guest car park. On initial arrival each party receives a key fob control  which operates the car park gate. The gate opens inwards with firm standing so that cars can park off the road as they wait for the gate to open. Adjacent to the electric gate is a single wooden gate, which is operated manually. Both entrances offer 24/7 access for guests.

Guest Accommodation – All properties
Ground Floor
There is a thresher between the outside and inside level access to the front door of each property (please note the step into Chopin). The ground floor level gives access to the kitchen, dining area, lounge, bathroom* and under-stairs storage and cloaks area. The understairs location is also the site of the mains electric boxes, fire blanket and fire extinguisher and peripheral items of patio furniture.
There is access to the patio from the patio door/window (over thresher) in the lounge area.

There is a storage heater (off peak controlled) in the main area. Temperatures can be adjusted through the controls located on the top side of the heater. There is also an ‘on demand’ electric fire in the lounge area.
The ground floor has “cushion floor” in the kitchen/dining area and carpet throughout the remaining areas.*see bathroom
The dining area has a square wooden table with seating for 4 persons with over-table lighting.
The lounge has a 2 and 3 seater leather suite, a writing desk and chair, a coffee table and a corner unit which houses a digital flat-screen TV, DVD player and digital radio.

A folder containing local information, maps, tour guides and general tourist information is provided in the lounge area. There is also a Guest Welcome Book prepared by the owners of ‘Composers’ with a detailed explanation of many aspects of the property, the locality and the surrounding area. Free Wi-Fi access is available in each property 24hrs each day. The Wi-Fi strength can vary according to the model of laptop, tablet or other device used. The service is provided by BT.

*The bathroom is fully tiled to wall and floor with a suite consisting of bath, walk-in shower (2" lip to tray), toilet and hand wash basin. A non slip safety mat is provided for use in either the bath or shower. There is a razor plug point and additional “over wash basin” lighting. There is an electric towel rail in the bathroom which has a variable heat control.

Upper (1st) Floor
Access to the 1st floor is via a flight of stairs from the lounge area. There is a 4 stair rise to a square half landing followed by a rise of 8 stairs to the landing level. Each step is 4” (10cm) high. The entire area is carpeted and has a safety rail/banister to the outside edge of the stairs and along the entire balcony/landing area. There is lighting which gives clear visibility to the stairs with switches at the foot and top of the stairs.

There are two guest bedrooms on the 1st floor with individual doors to each bedroom. One bedroom contains a double bed, the other contains 2 single beds.

Each room has on-demand heating, variable through a thermostatic rotary control. Each bedroom has an electric hair dryer. The double bedded room has a digital mains powered radio/alarm and digital safe.

There is a double wardrobe with drawers, a chest of 5 drawers and bedside cabinets in the double room. The bed can be accessed from both sides. In the twin bedded room the beds are accessed from the centre. There is a double wardrobe with drawers, a chest of 5 drawers and one bedside cabinet between the beds.

Our beds are prepared with duvets, at tog ratings, to suit the season. Our duvets and pillows are made from synthetic material, so as to be non-allergenic. All of our bed have high quality pocket‐sprung matresses.

All bedrooms have general lighting activated from the bedroom door and a reverse switch over the bed. All beds have individual reading lamps located above with on/off switches.

There is an enclosed area beyond the patio window/door which provides a secure and private area to sit. At night an ‘on demand’ light is located in the centre of the patio area. There is a patio table and 4 chairs in this area and a parasol and seat covers are provided in the under-stairs ground floor cupboard.

Additional Information
The Office Reception opens for the benefit of guests. Times and days vary according to season and occupancy and are posted on the main notice board outside the Reception. Emergency service is provided 24/7 via the owners or an appointed duty manager.

In the event of a forced evacuation, due to smoke or fire, each property is evacuated through the individual front door entrance and a meeting point is locatedat the main drive gate. More details are available on the entrance door sign and will also be given during the arrival welcome.

There are sensors in each property detecting any excess of smoke and/or heat. They are hard wired into the main system and will activate in the event of an increase in heat or by smoke presence in the building.

Mobile phone reception in the area is generally good. Guests should check with their service provider to determine the level of reception in the local area, through an on line search.

We provide an outdoor play area, which is fully enclosed by perimeter fencing. Children may use this area with parental/appropriate adult supervision. The wooden climbing frame, play house, swing and slide are designed for children under the age of 10 yrs. The larger adjacent grassed area is designed for other games if guests so choose.

All activities and pursuits undertaken in the Play Paddock occur at the instigation of individual guest(s). The dms Partnership, as owners of ‘Composers at Woodlands’ accept no responsibility for any injury, damage or accident caused to any person whilst using the facilities or equipment provided.

A small area, by the Office Reception, the 'Composer Retreat' offers casual furniture and is regarded as a 'quiet' area for the use of guests.

We can make reservations and provide tickets for many events, venues and attractions throughout the county and also in neighbouring towns in the Scottish Borders and Edinburgh. Please ask if you have a specific request or require information.

Contact Information
‘Composers at Woodlands’ is the trading name of the holiday accommodation division of The dms Partnership.

Our postal address is:
Composers at Woodlands, Scremerston, Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland, TD15 2QU

The on site office of The dms Partnership is open 09.00-17.00hrs Mon - Fri.
Reception opening times are posted on a notice board, for the benefit of 'Composer' Guests, requiring service.
When the Office Reception is not manned an answering service is provided.
Our main telephone number is:
01289 332599.

Our e‐mail address is:

Our web site address is:

We are open all year. We have an access policy which does not discriminate on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, cultural or social group. We observe and and uphold the integrity of our Christian creed and principles without prejudice to those who may share differing opinions and values.

We reserve the right to refuse a booking, refuse access or terminate a booking during its course, if it is determined that a guest has not adhered to the quoted terms and conditions of the letting or behaves in a manner which is offensive, derogatory or abusive to other on-site guests, the employees of The dms Partnership as the owners of ‘Composers at Woodlands’ or their subsidiary contractors.

If you wish to make any comment about our access statement, offer further constructive detail which you feel may benefit future readers of this document or have any concerns about our statement, please contact us and be assured of our attention to your comments.

Yours sincerely

The dms Partnership
Owners of Composers at Woodlands