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As we welcome guests back, we have taken advice, guidance and regulation as set out by Government, and other agencies, following on from Coronavirus.  We are using our own judgement to ensure we go the 'extra mile'.

Regulated and assessed by Visit England, we work with them and our other accommodation agencies to ensure YOUR safety during a visit.  Our 5 star, Gold Award, accreditation has never been more important.  We hold the "We're Good To Go" certification,  which offers guests a further level of confidence as we comply with extra measures to ensure guest safety. Quality ratings and reviews play an important part of the process, as guests book accommodation anywhere.  Unregulated premises may not now reach the stringent standards required - take care who you book with!

For your arrival, our trained staff will have thoroughly cleaned and prepared the property, internally, as well as the private patio area.  Our process ensures that indoor hard surfaces are steam cleaned, while all soft furnishing in living, dining, bathroom and sleeping areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, ahead of guest arrival.  Bedding, linen, towels and accessories are freshly prepared for each property and presented in an hygienic manner.

Sanitiser stations are located in public areas for guests to use whilst on site.  The Play Paddock provides access to the grassed paddock area.  We regret that the play equipment (swings/slide/trampoline) is closed.

We remind guests that all the properties, public areas and grounds are a non-smoking environment (inc. E cigarettes and Vaping).  The use of BBQ’s is not permitted.

As general restrictions in England are relaxed, local shops, food outlets and regional tourism attractions are slowly recovering BUT this is a fractured process.  During your stay, places you may have expected to be fully open may only be open with restrictions and limitations on opening hours and numbers of visitors allowed.

We are fully booked until mid September - we are now taking bookings from 19th September 

If you require further assistance guidance or information please call 01289 332599