And so it’s ‘Goodbye’

This will be a difficult Blog to write.

Over the past months, negotiations have taken place and The Composer & Mrs C can now announce that new owners will take over Composers at Woodlands, as from Thursday 10th November 2022, making this the last blog from The Composer and Mrs C.

The new owners are committed to maintaining the ethos, high standards and 5-star accreditation which has been the basis of the self-catering business at Composers ever since its inception. Bookings already in place for 2023 are secured and Guests will be contacted, in due course, to confirm arrangements for access etc.

The Composer & Mrs C, leave with many happy memories of meeting and greeting, literally, thousands upon thousands of Guests who have stayed at Composers since April 2006. Over the years we have welcomed Guests, made friends, enjoyed new friendships and watched as returning Guests have brought
children (who have grown from babies at their first visit) and who now tell us about their first days at University or College. We have shared many happy events – births, birthdays, anniversaries and quite a few wedding celebrations. What a huge privilege that has been.

The Composer & Mrs C have been privileged to have shared in a journey with the community of Scremerston. They have been truly supportive!  The community of this North Northumberland area have made 2 people from Lancashire, feel very welcome. Local businesses and tradespeople shared our initial dream, helped us build our self-catering business and supported us in the good and difficult times.  Our service staff have been a priceless asset, be it in cleaning our properties, maintaining the grounds or carrying out the multitude of ‘jobs’ needed to keep our accommodation and surroundings in pristine order.

So, this is ‘Goodbye’. The Composer and Mrs C leave, as a seamless transition ensures the continued smooth running of Composers at Woodlands.

Thanks to everyone who has made our journey such a joy and a privilege.

May we all be richly blessed in the future.

With our love.

The Composer and Mrs C
(Martin & Dee Colam)