The Media, The Myth and the Truth.

The Composer has never been shy when it comes to media/publicity and promotion.  How else can you ‘sell’ something without promoting it.  Years ago, we made brochures, offered flyers, created handouts and even resorted to local radio interviews!! Now, exposure is via a web site, Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor, Instagram and other media platforms.  Fail to be ‘seen’ on a platform and you become invisible.

The Composer and Mrs C are pretty ‘tech savvy’ on most of these platforms and use them for business and personal use.  Composers at Woodlands thrives via an online presence, Facebook and other media, while The Composer and Mrs C are quietly involved in keeping up to date with family and friends through similar online services.

So far, those who are also ‘tech savvy’ are probably singing from our song sheet. (thankfully, lockdown easing allows for singing!)  In the meantime, the Media is having a feeding frenzy telling us all that we can’t go abroad (to many holiday destinations) unless you understand the implications of the ‘traffic light system’.  If you, dear reader, do understand it, please let us know!!

The upshot is that the ‘stay-cation’ (by the way, it’s the wrong word as everyone is not staying at home but simply staying for a holiday in the UK – so it’s actually the U-Kation) is proving the answer to holiday dreams.  And what comes next? The Media tells everyone that prices for accommodation have been increased many-fold, simply because providers could!  It’s called supply and demand, apparently!

The phrase, ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story’ is a media mantra.  So, it is hurtful when the media expound the myth that all accommodation providers have ‘up-ed’ their rates to squeeze more out of holiday makers.  The Composer can’t speak for others – but can speak for Composers at Woodlands.  Our rates for 2021 were released in September 2020 and were based on a small % rise on 2019 rates – in line with rising costs and inflation.

Let’s face it, 2020 was not the best year for the hospitality industry spending more time locked down than earning, but the tariffs and rates for Composers at Woodlands accommodation were clearly visible from September 2020 for the whole of 2021. Our rates HAVE NOT altered, and we have not inflated our prices. The Truth is that we advertised our rates nationally, online and with our various media partner platforms and we stuck to them.

Maybe, as people book for 2022, they will look carefully at advertised rates and stay with those who remain focussed on providing fabulous holidays in the UK at sensible and honest rates. Our rates are online (and in our printed literature) from this September for all of 2022, so pay us a visit and check us out  – no media hype – no myths – just the truth.