Out of March – with thanks

The Composer is never one to wish his life away (or that of Mrs C!) but seeing the end of March was an eagerly anticipated moment for them both.  It was the deadline set to ensure that Composers was pristine once again to welcome Guests into all areas of the Composers site – and it was achieved! Since the devastating Storm Arwen in November, there has been a stream of trades, craftspeople and technicians beavering away to restore the grounds to an even higher standard than before (is that possible we hear you shout!). See the results for yourself!

The Guest car park is now larger and more accommodating, the newly sculpted space gives room for more vehicles and the re-configured ‘waste & re-cycling centre’ is ready to welcome all our guest’s rubbish!! Newly planted mature conifers bound the car park along with new hawthorn plantings whilst the banking to the car park is re-stocked with more bushes and shrubs. Yet another 10 tonnes of gravel has been brought in to cover the car parking bays, which are all neatly marked out.

Moving to the main drive, The Composer watched in awe as the dry-stone wall was rebuilt – watching a craftsman at work is great fun!!  A new gate now gives access to the play area, copse and paddock on which has been laid 130 sq metres of pristine turf, along with a new shed for the storage of guest’s bikes and golf equipment. A slightly larger shed is now home to The Composers favourite piece of gardening equipment – the sit on mower! The children’s play area is due (as this Blog is typed) to be installed with climbing wall, swings and slide whilst Mrs C is busy laying out the new planted area – where once, many of our conifers stood – with a variety of plants and shrubs and a new bird table with feeders to encourage wildlife to return to our grounds.

Through the chaos of the past months, guests have continued to visit, staying over Christmas & New Year, half term, the early break weeks of March. The weather has, as is often the case in Northumberland, been wonderful. In fact, the only downside to the good weather has meant that a lack of rain has seen The Composer regularly watering the new turf EVERY day to ensure it grows! Ah well, the results will be well worth it.

Bookings our now fiiling much ofn the year, though there are some gaps for Guests who prefer a ‘shoulder’ break’ rather than peak weeks. Popular weeks have been over subscribed for some time and our celebration week, of the Queens Jubilee, promises guests a real treat!  The Composer and Mrs C are ready to party thre whole year through!

Thank you, March – we are glad you are OUT!