Confused – Bemused – Certain

As July finally disappears, The Composer and Mrs C are reviewing (yet again) the confusing Government directives which have circulated throughout the past month.  It seems that the easing of lockdown, lifting of restrictions and the bemusing rules and regulations, which we are now reading, leaves us with one certainty. We are changing nothing!!

Our Guests know us (some for more years than we care to remember!) and rely on us to provide accommodation to a standard that meets the expectations of even the most critical holidaymaker.  A Guest visiting us for the first time said, as they left ‘we always like to leave a place even tidier and cleaner than when we arrived’The Composer & Mrs C held their collective breath! What was the Guest about to say?  The answer came, with a wry smile, from departing Guests……’we failed’.  And breathe again.  But that is what Composers is all about. Getting it right every time is crucial and in the coming months, we will continue to keep the highest standard of cleaning, preparation and service – always.

The Composer is, sometimes, a little bemused by what some Guests say.  He shares some of the comments with you in this truly happy July Blog.
“We thought the weather would be better when we arrived” – it was 23°C  – but as the BBC had said temperature could go as high as 26°C  the guest thought it should have been warmer. No sign of humour – they were serious.
“We have a crisis – we’ve run out of toilet rolls – what can you do about it?”  – this emergency was brought to The Composers attention at 6.55p.m. on the Monday, 3 days after the Guest arrival. We did help them out!
“Why do you not provide candles in case of a night-time power cut”? a guest wanted to know.  Maybe because Composers provides back-up torches upstairs and downstairs which work if there was a power cut. The Guest would have preferred candles, apparently.
“Do you have a charging point for my electric car in the Guest Car Park”?  A Guest telephoned to ask this question ahead of a visit.  ‘Yes, we do,’ said The Composer. On arrival the Guest was not happy that there was a charge (pardon the pun) for use of the connection.

Oh, go on, have a laugh!! The Composer & Mrs C certainly do. We love our Guests, no matter what they say or do! We’ve seen and heard it all over the years – in fact, The Composer & Mrs C are tempted to write a book containing all the thoughts, comments and remarks which have been uttered by our Guests.  Sadly, we are certain it will NEVER be written, but we will just remain happy to look after our wonderful Guests, no matter what they say or do! They make running Composers at Woodlands the most wonderful experience – of that we are certain!