Climate, Composers and Christmas

In the end, Cop 26 in Glasgow has come and gone. We watched, we waited and we, at Composers, wondered, “what have we been doing for the past 16 years”? – and how different is it to what great leaders of nations are debating.

Yes, it’s 16 years since ‘Composers’ was built and opened – doesn’t time fly? When The Composer and Mrs C started the epic build it was with one mantra “Re-use, re-cycle and use local trades and companies – reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible”. The final piece of the jigsaw was to NOT have a skip on site throughout the demolition or build. Everything that came on site was used, and what was left was burned in a safe and sensible manner and the ash used on every inch of the ground to mulch into the ground around the properties. 

Since then, The Composer has continued recycling (every week) the waste from our guests – all carefully separated into unique bins so we can play our part. Composers has done what it can – but it’s not enough! We will watch, with interest, and listen to the ‘wise’ and try to do even more in the future.

Off course this month is ‘re-cycle’ garden waste month! The Composer and Mrs C have spent hours with Gardener, Chris, trimming hedges, cleaning gutters, moving tons of leaves and generally making the grounds of Composers fit for the winter. The Composer has, of course, been indulging in his favourite ‘sport’, using the sit-on mower to ensure the grass around the properties is pristine – not just for the winter – but also for the guests who are still taking breaks right up to New Year!

Which brings us neatly to the festivities of Christmas and New Year. Maybe this year, more than ever, we all hope to see, visit and maybe even hug our nearest and dearest.

The Composer and Mrs C wish you a very Happy Christmas time and a peaceful New Year.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2022!!