Time Flies – Guests vote for the UK break, again!

June has disappeared at a speed we could not believe! The Composer and Mrs C have been busier than usual and, thanks to HM The Queen, busy turned into frenetic as Composers hosted a village ‘bash’ over the Jubilee weekend. It was great fun, filled with food and music (what else would you expect of us??!!). The result was 4 P’s in the Paddock – Pimm’s, Pints n Pulled Pork – though in truth there was a lot more food and drink on offer. Now it is a distant memory, but one filled with great happiness.

Time has flown by and our Guests seem to be breathing a collective sigh of relief, having booked with us (some, many months ago) to find their holiday plans intact, without the hassle of flying (or not) to some distant location. It may not be the Bahamas, Bangkok or Bali but at least Berwick held its head high with great weather, plenty to see and do and days and evenings filled with restaurants that are managing to open and keep our Guests happy with a plethora of culinary styles. Italian, Chinese, Turkish, Greek, Indian, traditional English and local Northumbrian dishes all competing for the Guest’s tastebuds. It seems that without going more than a few miles from Composers, the North of Northumberland really is appealing to our diners.

Perhaps the Hairy Bikers, Countryfile and others whose TV programmes extol the virtues of the area, heritage and culinary skills has something to do with it. Maybe as value for money becomes ever more important, Northumberland really does stand out for VALUE! Perhaps it’s just that Guests are finally able to eat out without restrictions in many places. Whatever the reason, Guests are continually reminding us that they’ve found “the best fish and chips,” “the greatest steaks,” “unbelievable seafood dishes” and “freshly cooked —whatever(!) — that was simply divine.”  Whatever the superlatives, we are delighted that our Guests enjoy their time in the area.

Now it’s THAT time of year again! The Composer and Mrs C look forward to the next weeks, welcoming families to Composers – as school holidays begin. As you read this our Scottish families are already with us (they break for summer holidays sooner than most schools) and then we greet English and Welsh families. It’s the buzz which the young bring that keeps us on our toes. The new play area and trampoline (all replaced after Storm Arwen in November 2021) will finally be ‘road tested’ by the young. 

The months of July and August really do fly by, and our next blog may well not appear until September. The Composer and Mrs C will be having such a good time they may not have time to Blog!! Whatever you are doing, enjoy it, soak up the rays and make time pass as slowly as you can!!  Till the  next time – have a great summer.