Chilling and thoughtfull

It’s that season again! The Composer & Mrs C could be chilling, but October is never quiet at ‘Composers’. Our guests seem to love this month in Northumberland. This year the pressure is greater than ever – the late break season has grown and we’ve been saying ‘sorry, we are full’ to many people anxious for an autumnal ‘get-a-way’ and wondering why there are no vacancies.

So, any thoughts of chilling in a rocking chair (The Composer hasn’t got one anyway!) and thoughtfully watching the mellow season roll round is just an illusion. The BBC September weather forecast for our area proved wrong again and the month was bathed (apart from 3 days) in glorious, warm, sunny and balmy days. October (according to the BBC advance forecast) will be chilly, wet and windy – well, we’ll wait and see!!

The service team at Composers goes from strength to strength and, for the first time in 19 months, The Composer & Mrs C have been away!! Yes, a summer holiday of 5 whole days, visiting their home town in the North West. That visit offered some chilled out and thoughtful moments! Best of all was seeing the home town in all its glory, sunny and warm. Well, Manchester always looks like that doesn’t it??  Re-visiting sights and sounds of years gone by brought back many thoughtful memories. 

So now, it’s back to the grindstone. But, really, it’s no grind! Chatting with new Guests (still at a social distance) and reminiscing with returning guests about years gone by and the stresses of the last year makes The Composer & Mrs C aware how fortunate they are to live and work in such a beautiful place. Guests continually tell us how lovely Northumberland is and are often quite vocal about how peaceful, quiet and beautiful the region is AND are never slow to talk about the lack of traffic!! Yes, we know!!  Much as Manchester is ‘home’, the continuous stream of motorway madness, clogged roads, traffic jams and noise make the journey back to Northumberland one to enjoy, knowing what is at the end of the road.

The Festive season looms and The Composer & Mrs C, and the team, are poised to welcome Guests celebrating throughout Christmas and the New Year. Bookings for 2022 are already growing and it seems that even more Guests are voting to choose Northumberland and the Scottish Borders as the place to chill for their vacation, whatever the season. What a wonderful thought!