Beating off the Blues

The Composer is on a role! The New Year arrived with a flourish and 2018 is a distant, albeit very happy, memory.  So now, Blog reader, where are you on a scale of 1 to 10??   1 is dreadful and 10 is brilliant.  How do you rate YOUR January. The Composer is around 11 and rising. It is party time!

Why this euphoria, you ask!  Well, 2018 was a great year for ‘Composers’ but 2019 already looks to be bouncing into life.  Maybe people are just fed up of Bre……. (that word which we will not use!) and are turning their thoughts to HOLIDAYS.  The booking line has sprung into action as has the on-line booking service.

Our new web site is sparkling with innovation and we are delighted with the ‘make-over’ our creative guru’s have given us.  Easy to find and use, the site is accessible on all platforms and devices and we can update it at the click of a mouse.  Our special offers page is the place to visit, regularly.  But, we already have offers which are on display.  The Composer is definitely passing 11 on the happy scale!!

Unlucky for some (if you’re superstitious) we enter 2019 with the number 13 in our sights – starting with our 13 on 13 with 13.  The Composer and Mrs C started the business 13 years ago and the celebration begin on 13th April (for one week) with a 13% discount on rates.

And there is more! The celebrations carry on with more discounted weeks.  Check out the 8-15th June and 5-12th October with 10% discounts on all standard rates. ‘Composers’ has beaten the blues in this special year and is now sharing their ‘happy-i-ness’ with everyone – so why not join in the fun?

Northumberland is the UK’s No 1 Gold Award Tourist Destination as voted for by the public in the British Travel Awards. ‘Composers’ is on the web site and itinerary of the new  ‘Explorers Road’ – A1 London to Edinburgh.  The annual property ‘deep clean and refit’ is finished and we are buzzing to greeting our first guests in February.