June – the longest days

The Composer loves June!  It sits so perfectly in the calendar.  Sandwiched in the centre of the year it holds promise and heralds the best time for The Composer and his staff (well, staff may not always agree!)  As a 24/7/365 business ‘Composers at Woodlands’ welcomes guests all year round, but there is no doubt that the pressure moves up a gear from May through to October.  Staff know all too well that full occupancy in these months means there are turnovers, cleaning, washing, ironing and maintenance x 4 every week, increasing everyone’s workload.  Since March 2014 ‘Composers’ also introduced a booking system that enables guests to start their stay on any day, for any length of time.  The uptake has been astounding and staff have noticed it too!

June has been an exciting month, not only having the longest day, but for its round of new and regular guests visiting ‘Composers’, the birthday of The Composer (no wonder he likes June), and various other activities which have seen Mr & Mrs Composer flitting around the UK.  Of course, there has been one other rather remarkable event taking place – dare we mention Football?  The long days of June suddenly extended as watching matches involved late night forays in front of ‘the box’.  Any worries about being up for work for guests was easily rectified with a shrug of the shoulders, a yawn and the realisation that they could have an extra hour or two in bed each morning – they are on holiday!

You can always tell when the long days are with us in Northumberland – the dusk to dawn sensor lights around ‘Composers’ rarely make an appearance!  Just one of the many delights of ‘being north’.  So, long live the longest days.  With the glorious weather throughout June, it is no wonder guests tell us they are delighted to travel north rather than south to enjoy the finest countryside and coast, revelling in long, warm days and pleasant evenings here in Northumberland.  Of course, having passed the longest day – nights are shortening to………oh NO!  Long live June!