All ready to go!

We have disposed of January in record time! Even with 31 days we have watched it fly by. Now for the lovely long month of February – the Leap Year month with the extra day in the month. February also sees a welcome to couples, small groups and families visiting us for the first time alongside returning guests who simply can’t wait to get back to Northumberland.

So who’s ‘ready to go’? We are! January is the month for our the specialist cleaning which ensures properties and grounds continue to sparkle as we welcome guests. ‘Composers at Woodlands’ is ready to go with another round of 5 star accolades and Gold awards from Visit England the Quality in Tourism assessors. The 2016 inspection has provided us with our 10th consecutive year of quality awards and guests are assured of the same warm welcome which accompanies awards and recognition. So, last but not least, maybe our guests are ready to go with bags packed and cars loaded – we hope so!

Being ready to go reminds The Composer that December 2015 saw a real, live ‘ready to go’ event as Go Outdoors – the national camping and outdoor superstore – opened their newest branch just a short walk from Composers. It was our privilege to provide accommodation for everyone involved in the creation of this new store, from contractors to directors. A visit to the store will surely now feature on a guest ‘must do’ list during a stay.  The Superstore really is ….Super.  Lots of clothing, activity equipment, a display of tents and a 1st floor gallery filled with bikes, bike accessories and fishing gear.  It all takes quite a time to stroll around – and that doesn’t include the hi-tech section or the boots, shoes and trainers department filled with footwear for everything from a gentle stroll to a serious climb.

Enough promoting Go Outdoors!  Here at Composers we offer a warm welcome and a warm and cosy property – the perfect place to be after a day out (whatever the weather!). Our children’s play area will re-open for Easter and the newly fenced Play Paddock provides the perfect, safe location for all to enjoy their favourite sports.  For those with a perchance for the quieter life, the Composers Lawn with easy chairs and rattan style furniture will be ready and waiting to help wile away the hours. It’ll all be ready to go soon……though perhaps early year guests may prefer leisure time ‘indoors’ rather than ‘outdoors’ unless the weather becomes unseasonably warm!

If you are still thinking about booking, check out our ‘on the go’ discounts available for bookings April-June or better still call us to book a February break at the lowest prices you’ll ever see!  Go on! We’re ready. Are you ready to go?  We hope so!