‘March’ – ing to change

No!! The Composer is not on some fitness regime – ‘march-ing to change’ is all about ‘Composers’ as we march into the new season – Spring!  To be honest, The Composer likes nothing better than a gentle saunter along the coast or a brisk walk on the beach or even a relaxing stroll around the famous “Berwick Walls” – the idea of ‘marching’ anywhere is not going to happen!

However, even a saunter along the coast was challenging a couple of weeks ago as The Composer and Mrs C ventured to the North Berwick seafront – not to be confused with our home town of Berwick.  North Berwick sits on the tip of the estuary where the North Sea meets the River Forth and where the wind blows!  We walked one way down the long promenade and marched back – 2 steps forward and one step back thanks to the howling wind!  Thankfully, a wealth of small cafe bars and bistro restaurants were all open on that blustery Saturday and the delicious aromas and warmth lured the windswept wanderers!!

The Berwick Walls provide a totally different marching route – especially with young children who use the walk as a route march following in the steps of past military regiments who patrolled the walls from the time of Queen Elizabeth 1st.  History really does come to life in this amazing setting. For those with an eye to beauty, the walk on the walls changes not only with seasons but with day, time and tide, creating a panorama of sights which never fail to impress.

March is all about new beginnings – the winter season, which seemed to have missed North Northumberland completely, has already given way to bright sunny days and the ground is rapidly showing us the inexorable march of growth as annual bulbs push their way through the ground to bring us colour and beauty.  It really is the best month as we move to Easter and more visitors arriving to sample Northumberland hospitality, the pleasures of the county and the neighbouring Scottish borders. The weather which (oh, dare I say this!!) has been as mild and clement as anywhere in the UK in the past months. We just hope it stays that way!  Oh, and it’s also the month to move those clocks forward – longer days are on their way!

March, the month of change. Bring it on!