And along came autumn

One minute, full steam ahead for summer, great guests, long lazy days, super weather and wall to wall fun……then along came autumn!!  It sneaks in without so much as a nod and apart from someone on the BBC news telling us ‘it has arrived’, you’d never know where we are!!  Even the gardening keeps trying to remind us we are nowhere near autumn.  BUT………..go further south and it’s clear that autumn has arrived.  But more of that in a moment.

For now we bask in the late sun of the last days of September and (as The Composer is late with the blog – more of that later, too!) the start of those sunny days of October where the sun just wants to SHINE!  Harvesting is complete and fields ploughed up are already showing growth as green shoots appear in the fields opposite Composers. Gardening is still going on a pace at Composers and it seems like the sit on mower will be in use for quite a few weeks to come – not that The Composer minds that one bit!

So, how does The Composer know about autumn further south? Well, He and Mrs C also can be as sneaky as the changing seasons.  They disappeared into the wilds of N Wales for a few days and saw how mother nature is moving quicker down there than Northumberland as the autumn gold and reds really have taken a hold in the valleys around Conway and the Snowdonia Park.  Spectacular to see but a reminder that autumn really is coming along quickly.  So that’s why the Blog is late – instead of being chained to the admin desk Mr & Mrs Composer have been chasing the open road and lots of fresh air.  It was even warm enough to have the roof down on the car!

Autumn is always busy at Composers, not just with the outdoor workload but also with the welcome to ‘older’ guests who take time out in the ‘shoulder months’ to take advantage of the tranquil beauty of North Northumberland. Of course Half Term looms and once again we welcome the sound of younger autumnal feet kicking the leaves in the paddock or daring to brave a foot in the cooling waters of the seas around our coast.

However you look at it, when autumn creeps in its not long before someone utters the ‘C’ word -and it’s not C for Composer!!  Ah well, ‘for everything there is a season’ and after autumn we move on to colder evenings as ……oh don’t even think about it!!  Bye for now!