Being a bit rebellious

The Composer is a bit of a rebel. Not as much as he used to be (oh, the days of a mis-spent youth!) but he is still up for being a ‘bit’ rebellious when the need arises. Mrs C is a very calming influence but doesn’t dampen The Composer’s rebellious nature. Of course it depends if being rebellious is just a bit of a kick against establishment or a full blown assault on all and sundry. The Composer takes the former position! It’s always good to be a ‘bit’ rebellious.

It’s been a busy month in Berwick and filming has occupied much of the town in the first 2 weeks as crews of cameramen, actors, actresses, extra’s, animals of all types, scenery, film sets and a plethora of vehicles descended on Berwick to film scenes for ‘The Rebel King’ – all about Robert the Bruce. Berwick Quayside doubled for the Glasgow docks and London Bridge, of days gone by, as the rebellious king set about staking his claim. Fun to watch the filming and great for the town. Along with the Literary festival our little town has been fairly buzzing.

Thanks to the English National Golf Championships and their use of Goswick Golf Club as a tournament venue, ‘Composers’ hosted teams of golfers from Brighton who took over all the properties as their base throughout the competition. Thankfully, they did not ask The Composer to join in – he would have rebelled at any suggestion of hitting a small defenceless ball into holes in the ground (you can guess how much The Composers loves golf!) simply to lift it out of said hole……and do it all again!

Rebelling against the norm, Mr & Mrs C disappeared from view for a few days in October – something they never do so early in the year – and enjoyed some R&R in North Wales – not really being rebels but taking the roof off Mrs C’s car to enjoy some fresh air in the Snowdonia Park seemed a bit rebellious – and with such warm weather and sunny days it was a pleasant change.

Writing this blog, with one day to go until November, the clocks have been put back, the nights are drawing in and the prospect of the festive season looms. All thoughts of rebellion are slowly sinking into the glow of log fires and quiet evenings…..oh hang on, that’s so NOT like The Composer!! No doubt he will find something to stir up the rebellious nature if it’s only walking our near deserted Cocklawburn beach kicking the sand!