April in Paris – no, stick with Berwick

If a town deserved a song writing about it, then Berwick should be in that list.  The trouble is (and as a musician, The Composer can claim some knowledge on this matter!) that Berwick just doesn’t quite equal Paris, Rome, New York or other places with their name in the music or title of a song.  After that there’s no real difference! Berwick’s got bridges, a river, imposing buildings and a history that even pre-dates the discovery of America, let alone New York!!  And in April Berwick also had weather with temperatures which rivalled European cities and was definitely warmer than the east coast of a snowbound USA.

We also had holiday makers discovering that Easter in Northumberland is as magical and fascinating as anywhere else you may care to mention.  Not wishing to decry our illustrious European partners we have to agree with all our holiday makers that April in Berwick really did have a buzz about it.  Our East Coast beaches (many resplendent in their high awards for clean water and safe bathing) were warm enough to tempt the odd paddlers and intrepid waders, though perhaps not a huge number of serious ‘swimmers’!

The Composer likes Facebook – well, its a useful tool in keeping up to speed with family and friends, guests and visitors.  You can find ‘Composers at Woodlands’ at www.facebook.com/cottagesberwick and becoming our friend on Facebook offers the opportunity to pick up last minute bargains and offers not often seen by the general public!

It’s also a lot easier to get to Berwick than Paris, Rome or New York!!  While you may have missed an April visit to Composers, there is still time to pick up a short break up to July (or after September) or to enjoy a longer, summer break in the unsung town of Berwick upon Tweed – it’s my kind of town!!  Now, The Composer is off to write the lyrics for the block-busting, chart-topping hit song  – it may take some time!!