March dawns and we celebrate

March and Celebrations. The Composer and Mrs C enjoy March 1st every year for a variety of reasons.  Its a rare occurrence (!) but we were actually together, the sun was shining on ‘Composers’ and celebration was in the air! 1st March is (to the Welsh) a day for celebration but here in Northumberland we were welcoming the 1st budding daffodils, the 1st day of Spring and a wedding anniversary.  As March dawned we saw the month begin in spectacular fashion with the addition of the  ‘Northern Lights’ display adding to the festivities.

It really is the best time to be out and about! As we have said before, Northumberland has been spared much of the weather misery which berated other parts of the UK and this gentle winter has meant that ‘Composers’ is already looking quite pristine without the need to shovel away loads of debris and winter ‘rubbish’.  That’s cause for celebration according to The Composer, who is glad that long sessions with a brush and shovel are not needed.

The celebrations seemed to be ongoing until we realised that premature celebration is the sign of a potential fall – and it nearly happened.  As the refurbishment of Elgar and Bernstein proceeded we nearly ran out of space to store the contents of both those properties in Vivaldi and Chopin especially as guests were heading in for early breaks! We managed to get everything back in place with hours to spare! Cause for celebration? Well, yes, but cause for panic if we had not made it in time!

So here we are watching as April dawns and we look forward to lighter evenings – even more cause to celebrate!