Be our Valentine, sweet and tasty – all year round

The Composer is a softy at heart – a person who believes in love, goodwill, kindness and caring (OK, so that enough self aggrandisement!) but come on, people, who doesn’t like a bit of Valentine LOVE? Guests of ‘Composers’ obviously do. Half term holidays and Valentines Day neatly collided this year and guests helped us ‘christen’ the new dishes which will greet all guests on arrival during 2014. Our heart-shaped dish features fresh baked ‘goodies’ in the shape of cup cakes and individual Victoria sponge cakes heaped with strawberry jam and cream. Absolutely disastrous for the figure and scrumptious for a treat on arrival.

February’s blog may be short on text but features the ‘sweet taste’ of our ‘2014 Welcome Pack’. The new pack has already been received with great enthusiasm and Composers guests will find a Valentine heart theme through the year as part of the welcome. ‘Composers’ is staying all loved up and full of Valentine promise, all year long.

Our famous fresh baked scones are still available as an optional extra during a guest stay as is the much loved ‘fresh baked granary loaf’. For some reason we can’t shake off either of these firm favourites so they are now added to the list of options along with other seasonal offers.

Returning to the January visit of the ‘Inspector’ we again pressed the subject of offering wine as part of the welcome pack. Under current legislation we can only do that if we hold a full liquor license as applied to all licensed premises such as hotels, pubs and restaurants. For the amount we wish to offer, free of charge, that would not be viable. The Government is reviewing the offer of a bottle as ‘part of a welcome’ with a new type of limited licence – we just hope the legislation arrives soon. We have some lovely wines (non alcoholic included) to give our guests on arrival!

The ‘Composers’ welcome will continue to be warm with an added sweet and tasty flavour and, just possibly, a refreshing glass with our compliments to toast your arrival. Cheers, – call and book soon to sample ‘Composer’ hospitality in glorious Northumberland