Sick and rejuvenated, all in one month

Remember David Cassidy? You do? Your age is showing! This was the opening lines to a song by him way back in 19……..well, never mind when, just be thankful your memory is that good!

In the song he sings that January is the month which made him sad and miserable. Looking at our friends, neighbours, work colleagues and accommodation providers in counties from Mid Wales to the South West I guess they have had this song in mind most of the month. Our hearts go out to them, as they really have suffered. It almost sounds rude but (dare I say this with February just commencing?) but we have escaped much of the worst weather here in Northumberland. The snow shovels are still in the shed and the salt/grit bags are still hanging about from December 2012, when they didn’t get used either.

The Composer was sick and tired of January for other reasons after discovering the horror of water damage – not from flooding and bad weather – it was yet again another pipe in the properties which fractured and we have found ourselves repeating the tragedy of 3 years ago when we had to close down while reparation was carried out on all the properties. This time we closed only 2 properties and work will soon be under way to fix them in time for half term.

In the midst of this disaster we welcomed ‘The Inspector’. Unlike Alex Palizzi, the Hotel Inspector, our Inspector from “enjoy England” visits us to assess our standards, check our properties and then determine the level of star rating and award we may achieve. Thankfully we have (yet again) retained our 5 star Gold award status and are delighted!

Sick and tired in one breath and happy in the next. It’s been quite a month. The Composer is glad it is ended. Roll on a new month – what will it hold?