Hello, Goodbye, Hello!

A month of meeting, greeting, departing and more greeting. When you think the season of holidaymaking has gone to sleep, Christmas and New Year appear to remind all accommodation providers that a 12 month a year business is exactly that!
Gone are the warm evenings sat on the patio or wandering the beaches and in their place come toasty nights in a warm property complete with all the lovely food that a well known store offers through the sultry voice of the TV commercials.
Oh yes we know the first port of call for ‘festivities guests’. Just a mile away is that well know store that serves ‘simply food’ and we know that tempting morsels are purchased and eaten with (dare we say this?) quantities of liquid refreshments whose containers adorn our re-cycling bins a few days later!
So it was ‘Hello’ to Christmas guests then goodbye to them, followed by ‘Hello’ again to New Year revellers who really did make themselves at home as they welcomed in 2014 – and why not!!. Of course they too had to leave. Sadly, The Composer becomes subdued and (oh go on, I will confess) a bit miserable around this time. In truth there is nothing better than guests and when they go in January we know what comes next. A time of extreme quiet. It’s a quiet that we relish for about 24 hrs!! The Composer knows all about the task we all dread – the deep clean.
Hello, dear staff. Yes, they reappear after their own festivities to face the deep clean – a time set aside to do all the jobs we need to undertake to ensure ‘Composers’ is sparkling for our 2014 guests and meets the high standards we have set. It’s a time for elbow grease, paint brushes, cleaning mops and all manner of gadgets used to reach the parts that ‘other cleaners never reach’!
It takes almost a month to work through all the properties until the staff say a final goodbye to the deep clean programme – in time to welcome early bird guests – those folks that just can’t wait to get up, get out and start enjoying a few days away. So to them, we are ready and waiting to offer a cheery ‘Hello’. See you soon, we hope.