Away With The Myth

Here’s a myth – “all accommodation providers hibernate in November, reappearing around March of the following year!” Not true! Some may do that but for others, its business as usual. The Composer and Mrs. Composer have managed their holiday and are now quietly planning the next year of activities, well aware that 2013 has not even ended. Yes, we have much to do in the coming days as the Ho Ho Ho season arrives, with baubles, decorations and the winter lights to put in place to welcome our holiday season guests. So if you think we have hibernated – it’s a myth! We are busy.

In fact its been busier than usual in November as we coped with the odd vicious evening, when the wind caused us to be out and about tending to fences, the odd broken twigs and (this is the big one!) a fairly large conifer which decided to give in rather than stand tall. The silver lining is that we now have another copious quantity of logs all ready to ‘season’ over the winter and be ready for our log burner next year. Another myth dismissed! Who said “It’s an ill wind etc etc?” That’s a myth. The wind made it easier to harvest our next load of logs!

Another myth is that fairies do not exist. Wrong again! We believe in fairies!! They are NOT a myth. Its amazing how they do some very odd things in our properties. When guests leave we know the fairies have been about as we have to spend a little time clearing up after them with our paint brushes, polyfiller and cleaning materials!!

The other myth is that Father Christmas can only arrive down a chimney. How wrong can you be? Our bike and golf bag store is the perfect place for him to leave gifts that simply will not fit through the expel-air system!! He’s managed it every year since we opened, has never let the reindeer leave a ‘visiting card’ on our drive(!) and always seems to deliver long before excited guests are up on Christmas morning, no matter what time that is!

Oh, by the way, there is one myth we are happy to confirm. Mr. & Mrs. Composer are NOT Santa and Mrs.Claus, and are unavailable to role play at 4am on Christmas morning – much as we love ALL our guests!

In the meantime – have a very Happy Christmas, enjoy the festivities of Auld Lang Syne (New Years Eve if you are English) and come visit us in 2014 – bookings for 2014 made before the end of January 2014 are at the 2013 rate —and that’s NO MYTH!!