Just Get The Job Done

Once September disappears, the list of jobs grows – the anticipation of autumn and all that it may bring, hasten the mind to make lists of ‘jobs’. You get them in any household so just think how the jobs grow in your home, then multiply them by 4, add a bit and then a bit more and you have an idea of the list the Composer makes for himself and his staff as October dawns around ‘Woodlands’. In our September Blog we talked about the lengthening season, so with properties in almost constant use its not easy to do maintenance or repairs. With half term and holiday weekends for families still in full flow, closing down the gardens, paddock or the play area is a no no and any thoughts of any work which is ‘major’ has to be put on hold.

Its also a brilliant way to put off doing anything!! One job that did not get put off was booking a break for the Composer and Mrs. Composer. Looking at the diary we realised that unless we wanted a holiday in the 1st weeks in December when occupancy is down a little, we would have to do what we always claim we can do….. “leave our team in charge as we go away”. The proof of the pudding etc etc was in us being away, the Service team stepping up and running the place in our absence and guests telling us we should stay away more(!!) because the team were “wonderful, helpful, very capable etc etc….” How to feel unwanted! How to also feel proud that our great staff kept our guests so happy. Quite simply they just got the job done – no problem!

OK, so now its just November and The Composer & Mrs. are back. The jobs still need doing. Thankfully we have enjoyed some very calm weather on the N East coast and managed to cut the grass and collect shedloads of leaves. The list has 2 ticks on it! Now it’s on with the other 19 jobs. Our staff are all geared up and in work mode and we’ll ‘get the job done’ in time to welcome our Festive guests later in December..