Brief but sincere

Brief but sincere.  Well, that’s the hope as this blog is penned!

The Composer – like the rest of humanity – feels the pressures of December.  It’s that ’round of shopping, visiting, eating, drinking and socialising time’ once again….any why not?

In truth there is no reason not to celebrate the festivities which make December the month when more money is spent, more food is bought and more people rush headlong into a new year – offering all types of resolutions. It’s also an important Christian festival and often gets crowded out by ‘commercialisation’.  Whatever your take on it all, we can but wonder that something, started over 200 years ago, still resonates in our world today.

This is a short blog.  ‘Composers at Woodlands’ is quiet and restful as this blog is prepared. We stand between the past and the future with a calm that would be the envy of many shopping centres!!

The Composer pens this just before switching the lights out and settling down to Christmas Eve, the big day, the bank holidays and the run up to a New Year.

It’s been a wonderful year for all at Composers – we have welcomed returning guests and greeted new guests and friends of guests. Everyone has brought their uniqueness to our holiday business and we are delighted to wish you all




The new year has already started at Composers – bookings are being made and guests are planning their 2017 visit to Northumberland.  We look forward to welcoming them …..and perhaps you….our reader!!

Goodbye from ‘The Composer’ – see you in 2017.