January has been ‘n’ gone

The Composer is shattered. One minute it was `happy new year’ and now it’s time for planning Valentines Day at Composers and Mr & Mrs Composer’s Wedding Anniversary bash a couple of weeks later!! So why has January’s  ‘been ‘n’ gone’ title linked with the “shattered” label.

So how was it for you?  The perennial question we all get asked through January. It’s the moment when you have to sweep the mind of your Christmas and New Year activities and reassemble the dustpan details of  some 60 days and nights into the perfect time of your life!!  Nah…….The Composer had a very simple answer…..”I’m glad December & January are over”. Looking back remembering what has gone !! Its been a blur of last minute shopping, hastily snatched meals, occasional dinners with family and special friends, driving a thousand miles, wrapping, giving and receiving gifts, spending nearly a week at Bath Royal Hospital (guest not patient) and ‘the day job’  – can you wonder ‘been ‘n’ gone’ is so passionately embraced.

Boom……..February has sneaked in and the rollercoaster is off again. Less than 21 days and it’ll be another ‘been ‘n’ gone scenario.  So how to slow the days down? With whatever skills The Composer may have, this is one skill he can’t claim. Happily, the Composer properties are ready all year round and (according to the guests) have the effect of creating a relaxing atmosphere, making the most of leisure time. Sadly there is so much to see, do and observe in Northumberland that even our seasoned guests, who visit every year or even more frequently, tell us they still haven’t had enough time to see it all!!.

Ah well……….The Composer has now ‘been ‘n’ gone…another blog over and gone.  March will be here in no time so bring it on!