The month with ONLY 28 days – or is it??

It’s one of those trick questions.

Q. How many months have 28 days?
A. They all do, but February alone has ONLY 28 days and not one more!

The Composer also has good reason(s) to remember that this ‘short’ month means getting ahead is crucial for many and varied reasons.

Remembering that St David’s Day is 1st March reminds him not to forget the Wedding Anniversary card for Mrs C, not to forget to buy the daffodils if there isn’t already a plentiful supply popping up around the grounds and remember, rather than forget, that half term is over and Easter beckons and that ‘Composers’ is also due for the annual visit from the national tourism body who agree ‘star’ ratings for our holiday accommodation.

February turned out far better than expected, even with only 28 days. Great guests, good weather (without the forecasted storm which fizzled out long before it reached Northumberland) and even getting washing on the line to dry!  Time out with family and friends and a bit of ‘house moving’ added to the fun! (We’ve not left Composers!!).

On top of all that we found time to reflect on our past lives watching our eldest grandson in his first ‘Gang Show’ stage production in Cheshire….ah, happy memories of many years ago for Mr & Mrs Composer.  And just for good measure, the already bursting month added another surprise as Mr & Mrs C greeted their latest arrival, a Granddaughter!  February may only have 28 days but boy, was it packed!

Here comes March.  Time to put away all the memories and look to 31 days of some serious work and planning as the ‘Composers’ calendar fill with guest arrivals.  Thank you, February, you came and went with great gusto despite only having 28 days…..see you again in 2018!!