Spring is in the air!!

At last! Winter over, Spring started, clocks moved and ‘Composers at Woodlands’ all a buzz and not just with guests! The painters have painted, the cleaners have cleaned, the gardeners have done whatever they do (!!) and The Composer……….well he just sat back and watched it all happen!!! How he wishes.

Actually, The Composer aided and abetted all the ‘staff’ with help, assistance, manpower and (where applicable) copious quantities of refreshment – all non alcoholic!  Not only that, he even managed time away to help Mrs. C with a move, pop in on various grandchildren and also start (at last!!)  the creative juices of a new (and as yet untitled) musical. Ah…maybe you didn’t know of this ‘string to the bow’ but this will be number 4 – the other 3 already being performed by small music groups throughout the UK.

There has also been a flurry of activity catching up with likeminded accommodation providers at specialist days where we meet the tourism attraction providers throughout Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. These events are the perfect opportunity to collect the latest brochures from the various attraction providers, chat with them about their plans for the season and, from a few, pick up special discount vouchers which we hand on to guests.

At long last, the season of 2017 is really beginning to happen. The good news that our 5 star Gold Award status has been renewed for another year – the 12th consecutive year since we opened.  It’s added to the euphoria of the new season. The best bit for The Composer has been hearing the gentle buzz of the sit on mower – back in action at last.

So what happens next? Well, The Composer and Mrs. C are planning their own holiday, the reservations are filling popular date well and Composers already has bookings for October and November – holidays are not the last thing on many people’s mind!!  See you next month – on the last day of the month with our regular Blog!