May, I be so bold?

Its going to be a fun month – with 2 Bank holidays, the start of the end of the football season, the serious start to grass cutting and ………for The Composer and Mrs C, a moment of sheer madness…….a HOLIDAY! So this is a brief post – time being of the essence.

Given that May is already on us as the Blog is prepared, the start of the holiday is only days away, so we are boldly getting all the jobs done a.s.a.p.  Thanks to the staff here at Composers, The Composer and Mrs C are taking time out and the amazing people who help keep Composers ticking week in, week out, will still be on site, quietly taking care of all the day to day jobs, keeping the Composer properties in pristine condition, the grounds in first class order and gently buzzing around for our welcomed guests.

The Composer is not far away if needed (as if!!). Technology lets us communicate at the touch of a button – and, of course, its not just phone or mobile – we now see one another Face 2 Face – which is seriously scary!!  Not many years ago The Composer was caught on holiday on FaceTime with his feet in the pool and his laptop on a Li-Lo!! Not setting a very good example.

So boldly going where many have gone before, the owners exit Composers to find their own self catering holiday accommodation which was booked just a few weeks ago! Our guests are also boldly booking well through the summer season – it seems that ‘the stay-cation’ is keeping many guests in the UK this summer – even without the crystal ball of knowing what the weather may hold. Ah well, holidays are all about a change and you don’t have to use planes or boats to find stunning scenery, wonderful accommodation and delightful places right here in the UK – and our weather never seems to stop anyone from having a good time.

It’d be madness to forecast answers to the questions being posed in the coming weeks and months by our politicians, but one thing we can be sure of – being bold will be the mantra of many  – including The Composer who says “make your minds up about those REALLY important matters – and book your favourite dates to visiting Composers” – oh, and don’t worry to much about everything else!! Now where is that Li-Lo???