Politics………is……….not on the list

Our title is well known to those who enjoy a certain Saturday eve quiz programme and, yes, we have a list at ‘Composers’! In the next weeks it is devoid of all matters political!!  This Blog gives a list of reasons for taking a holiday in Northumberland…..especially as guests (in the first week particularly) will find ‘Composers’ a totally politics-free zone!!  We’ll even stop any malingering political activist from knocking on our property doors!!

So here’s the list of reasons to visit us:
Easy to find by train or car
Ideal location for trips to beaches, villages and towns
Near many tourism attractions in Northumberland & Scotland
Plenty for adults and children alike to do, within minutes of ‘Composers’

Oh, The Composer could go on!  It’s so easy to write a positive list and increasingly hard to find anything that’s negative, so that list is short and echoes the findings of many guests over years. So here’s the negative list

It’s NOT easy to leave!

Maybe it’s the pace and tempo that Northumberland offers, perhaps it’s the freedom to wander wide open and unspoiled places.  Could it be the fact that whatever beach you sit on or whichever attraction you visit there always seems to be enough space to spare and never feels overcrowded?

Politicians of all persuasions have offered their ‘to do’ list which often includes an ‘upgrade of the A1 in Northumberland’ – it is still nowhere near being done and, perhaps, here’s one good reason to not add upgrading to the list of ‘must do jobs’.

Years ago, at a regional tourism meeting, the head of a marketing company asked the gathering to list what they felt tourists wanted.  The answer was simple ‘to see what a beautiful area this is and explore it’.   So, may the A1 continue to be in good repair, free from potholes and well signed – forget the dual carriageway plans and just let guests, tourists, visitors and friends put us on their list of ‘must visit’ holiday destinations.  Now, where’s The Composers ballot paper………………….???  Bye.