Bustin’ out all over

The Composer is, obviously, fond of his music and this month’s heading gives away a love of musicals, too! However any comparison between Oklahoma and Northumberland is that, apart from a rogue ‘K’, you can find all the other letters in both names – that’s it!!

Bustin’ out has been the mantra for us in this past month.  The mix of rain, sun, warm wind, repeated over the past 4 weeks, has seen a staggering growth of foliage and grass.  It’s been a battle to keep on top of it.

The staff at Composers have truly been bustin’ with activity and jobs,  keeping up with the stream of guests inside while working on the grounds outside.  Our  Service Manager and crew and our Gardener have been really busy and the sit on mower is exhausted with all the cutting activity. Our new guest car park ‘walk-in gate’ is finally in place, the Composers lawn has been well tended for guests who just want to laze about in the warm weather, the Play Paddock is pristine and the Office Reception has been thoroughly ‘bottomed’ (a job that’s been waiting to be done for months!!).  At last, Mr & Mrs Composer have started work again on their home with a new front door!!  You may laugh, but the threat to ‘buy a new door’ has been on the cards for months – sorry, years!! Finally, it is done.

The new door so excited Mr & Mrs C that more have been ordered for the properties. So, in the coming months, guests will see a transformation of the accommodation entrance doors.  Along with that change will be a new entry door system.  On arrival, guests will receive a code for a ‘key safe box’ located on the Office Reception wall, which will give the property key to be used throughout the stay.

So as June disappears, the bustin’ out should come to an end as we ease down to watch quantities of summer sport and (shhh….this is a secret) as Mr & Mrs Composer enjoy a highly tuned adrenalin rush in mid July, courtesy of Mercedes Benz, listening to the rev of F1 racing at Silverstone.  More of that next month.

For now, it’s back to bustin’ the time barriers between outgoing and incoming guests on the Saturday turnovers – it’s fun, its fast and it’s a furious battle to do the marathon amount of work which Saturday’s bring………its finish by 4pm or bust………..so far , we have managed the ‘finish’ without going bust!