Fanfare, please!

And so, with just the quietest fanfare, Composers at Woodlands re-opened the doors to holiday Guests for the first time in…………….far too long!  Having said that, ‘The Composer & Mrs C’ would like to blow the trumpet, just a little more, to celebrate re-opening – we hope you don’t mind!

Lockdown is a word we hope to remove from our future Blogs – now the words on our lips are ‘Open-Up’.  And the best way to do that was to welcome new and returning guests over the Bank Holiday weekend to a glorious, sunny and inviting Northumberland and the refurbished Composer properties.  So, our ‘Open-Up’ Blog looks back to the past months and the planning, activity and preparation by ‘The Composer and Mrs C’ and the service teams which led to another momentous day in the life of our business – 1st May 2021 – ‘Open-Up’.

No one in the hospitality industry has escaped the horrors of the past and ‘opening up’ is a phased and slow process.  We extend our heartfelt good wishes to everyone in our hospitality industry, in culture, media and sport, in the  entertainment, food and beverage sector and the myriad small business that work tirelessly with amazing staff to give THEIR guests/visitors/shoppers the best EXPERIENCE whenever they provide services.  We are doing the same.

Step into any Composer property and be welcomed into the style, luxury and quality of accommodation for which we have become famed and talked about.  Yet again, our painters and decorators have been busy, and every property is sparkling with colour and fresh paint. The list of new and added features includes new induction hobs, and the pans designed for them, new microwaves, new kitchen accessories and a glittering array of features to make your kitchen and cooking experience on holiday even easier.  In the lounge, let your toes curl up in the luxury deep pile carpets, while in the bathrooms enjoy the luxurious power showers, fixtures and fittings. Heating in all our properties is provided by new, highly efficient and easily controllable digital heaters while bedrooms have welcomed the arrival of new mattresses, new duvets and throws and luxury bedding so that after a full day out, a restful evening is complete with a relaxing sleep. We nearly forgot to mention the free Netflix on the lounge TV, the free 24/7 WiFi and the new TV in the double bedroom (strictly for insomniacs!!) but now we have.

Outside, our gardeners and maintenance crew have been busy in the guest car park, creating more space. The children’s play area and the play paddock have been re-ordered and ‘The Composer’ has spent several days with the ‘sit-on’ mower helping to make the social areas as pleasing as possible.

Our ‘Open Up’ hospitality is as warm as ever, even if we still must be careful not to get over excited greeting new or returning Guests.  Composers is open for business.  This is it! The word ‘Lockdown’ is now removed – It’s ‘Open-Up’ time and you are welcome!!