May is OUT, June is IN

And The Composer is late with the blog, again!!  Thankfully, always on time to welcome Guests to their Composers accommodation in Northumberland – the county with the best beach in the UK (at Bamburgh), according to a Travel Industry survey.  And boy, have we welcomed the BEST Guests during May!  Sadly, The Composer and Mrs. C have also had to wave goodbye to them and are already missing the young people who make holiday weeks so special.

Those special Guests include everyone from tiny toddlers to enthusiastic ‘older ones’.  Composers has been buzzing with the energy which only those under a certain age seem to have!  We wish it could be bottled and sold to older generations!!  The Play Paddock has been fully tested and, further afield, our local beaches, beauty spots and visitor attractions have welcomed them in the glorious sunshine which has graced each day.  That is why The Composer is slow at getting the monthly Blog into the web site.  Yes….….The Composer and Mrs. C have also taken the odd day off in the past weeks to relax in the sun and watch the world go by.

But all good things come to an end and as families departed from their time at Composers, the properties are prepared again to welcome older Guests, from all over the UK, taking advantage of our properties, the area and the quieter moments of June.

With the Pandemic still in mind, properties are prepared with much care and attention to ensure we follow all the rules and regulations.  Our welcome remains as warm as the sun, though we are still socially distanced as Guests arrive.  However, we are always contactable, if needed.

It is becoming increasing clear that self-catering really does tick all the boxes for so many people and for as many different reasons.  Safe, secure, spotlessly clean and well-prepared properties are key to ensuring Guests feel comfortable and ready to enjoy the best of times away from their own homes (often for the first time in many, many months).  With that benchmark, ‘Composers at Woodlands’ continues to welcome Guests – of all ages – to take time out, relax, be safe and revel in their ‘home from home’, the area and all that Northumberland and the Scottish Borders has to offer.  

Oh, and in case you are wondering, we are now taking Christmas and New Year bookings – nothing like planning ahead, is there?  Don’t be left out – book in, now!