Isolated – in every respect

It’s not often The Composer feels so isolated and it hardly feels like the time to write a Blog, but it’s a connection with the world beyond the gates of ‘Composers at Woodlands’ and one we will maintain.

Our little universe is changing before our eyes and many of us (for a variety of reasons) feel helpless to do anything about it. There is a huge number of people who are trying to hold us all together. The list is endless, but we all know that it starts with those three letters – N.H.S.

Beyond those in the NHS is an army of people from every sphere of life who are giving, and in some cases dying, to help ‘the rest of us’.  So in this sombre moment we, at Composers, say a heartfelt THANK YOU to every one of them.  Over the past days, our bin men arrived prompt as ever, the surgery was open to receive our request, the stores were open to welcome us in (abiding by new rules about social distancing etc) and the sun still shone on our gardens, properties and grounds.

Of course, what’s missing are the guests and visitors who fill our lives with their presence week in, week out.  This year we may not see any as the pandemic continues. Perhaps, most saddening of all, is that we will not see or hear the young people who make ‘Composers’ really come alive. They’ll not be here to find ‘surprise’ Easter eggs hanging on their property doors on Easter Day (how did they get there!!??).  The paddock play area will be strangely quiet. Our office will not thrill to the excited chatter as young voices telling us all about their adventures on beaches, in castles or around the area.

The Composer and Mrs C have acted responsibly.  We are isolated in many ways. We have closed our doors, we have shut the gates and we have not used the car or travelled.  We miss hugs with children and grandchildren, have not met socially with friends, cannot reach out to those we know need help and feel utterly dejected that our work and life has come to such an abrupt standstill. 

We hope that our actions, and those of millions of other people doing the same as us, will rid our homes, town, county and country of this dreadful virus.  That’s what we also pray for our family, friends and guests, wherever they may be in the world.

If you have read this to the end we hope that you, and all those you love, stay safe and stay well. 

Final thought. One day WE WILL OPEN OUR GATES AGAIN when this virus is defeated. Then The Composer and Mrs C will, once again, offer the warmest welcome to ‘Composers at Woodlands’. No more isolation!!