The Composer forgot!

How could The Composer forget to pen the Blog? Due at the end of each month, the blog connects the business with past, present (sorry, there are none!!) and future guests. Past guests reflect on holidays gone, future guests dream of where they are coming to and present guests – and we all know why there aren’t any around at the moment – hope to find themselves included in the monthly musings of The Composer.

So The Composer missed the Blog deadline! Excuses could have been a) he was busy or b) he was away from Composers or c) the computer didn’t upload the document. So, dear Reader, which is the correct answer – a, b or c? There is only one, and it’s ‘a’.  You are surprised? So is The Composer.

Entering week 8 of lockdown it’s obvious he is not ‘away from Composers’ and inefficient computing would be a poor excuse but, The Composer HAS been busy, as has Mrs C!!  The enforced isolation and the lack of guests has proved the perfect opportunity to do the jobs that just never get done, for some bizarre reason. With minimum Office time the Blog escaped the admin process.

The acquisition of yet another larger, more powerful ‘Karcher’ has given The Composer an excuse to be outside for days on end. Everything at Composers that is vertical, horizontal and made of stone, wood or concrete has been beaten into submission as pathways, walls, walkways, patios, fencing and steps have been ‘Karcher-ed’! By accident (!!) The Composer let the lance jet wash a corner of the property walls.  Wow – what a difference! So as this Blog is complete Composer properties from Elgar to Chopin have become ‘as good as new’.  Just wait ‘till you arrive and see for yourself.  And that’s why the Blog is late – too many days outside away from the office.

After cleaning, a raft of grass cutting and hedge trimming has kept The Composer busy while Mrs C has been seed planting, pruning, repotting shrubs, rearranging hanging baskets, plants and bushes and tending to all ‘matters horticultural’. With some of the best possible weather, days outside are an utter pleasure.

It would be easy to dwell on the negative, depressing and heartbreaking circumstances which surround us all at this time. We want this Blog to lift spirits, just a little, and to remind everyone know that Composers is ready for guests, whenever that may be.

Northumberland is as beautiful as ever. Our ‘permitted exercise’ walks in the lanes and pathways around our home and business remind us how glorious the area is and we are fortunate to be safe and well.  It’s what we wish for you – stay safe, stay well and look after one another.  We are here for you. Ignore booking forms, on line reservations and boring push button phone calls. We have refunded every guest who cancelled due to Covid 19 – no questions asked. We are ‘hands on’ owners who want to hear from you. Just call and talk with us about your future booking.