It’s all happened in April

It’s been a weird month – in fact if it’s ‘happened’ at all, we can say, with certainty, its happened in this month.  We start with the extremes of weather and everything from snow to rain, from sleet to wind, from sun to cloud and from cool (nah, it’s been bloomin’ cold!) to warm and pleasant.

In fact those extremes came not only in the month, but during individual days!  The Composer has really not known if he should put his shorts or his wellies and sou’wester on. For certain, the sit-on mower has been conspicuous by its absence this last few weeks making only two ‘appearances’. For those who know The Composer, you can only imagine how melancholy that has made him!

The upside has been that Composer guests have made good use of discount vouchers to a variety of ‘indoor’ attractions in Northumberland and the Borders. Bamburgh Castle has been high on the guest list with Alnwick not far behind.  Much interest has also been shown in the National Museum of Scotland, based in Edinburgh, which has welcomed older guests from Composers (and a lot of younger guests as well) who all say “it’s the best” – and, of course, it’s free which may also explain its popularity!

So as we say, a not too fond, farewell to April we look forward to May with 2 Bank Holiday weekends and warmer days – hopefully!  There is plenty happening in May including Composer special accommodation offers and many events throughout the county, area and Borders – guaranteed to please all ages and interests.

If it’s happening – it’s definitely happening here. See you soon.