A very mixed up May

The Composer is used to being organised! Throw any number of possibilities into the mix and the ‘Musicians Mind’ can, usually, unravel the knots and organise the elements.  The Musicians Mind in May has been taxed beyond recognition!

May is a long month. 31 days with 2 bank holidays, school holidays and…..in this year…..a royal wedding! You’d think it would be easy to look at the calendar and organise everything, wouldn’t you?  Organisation was everything to allow The Composer and Mrs C to take a short break away from the business – but the only thing you can’t organise is the good old British weather!

May turned out to be the month of MAY-hem!  ‘Composer’ guests filled the properties and with them came a raft of requests and needs. With so much going on in the area, and county, throughout the month, there was plenty to see and do. UK guests were joined by those from other parts of the world where the mayhem of airports, delayed flights and long queues at Passport control created their own mayhem.  Thankfully, once at ‘Composers’, the mayhem ceased and relaxation took over.

The unorganised element has been the weather.  The Composer and Mrs C took off for a week cruising the River Thames. What to take? Warm woollies or T-shirts and shorts??  Well, take both was the answer.  (Thankfully, the woollies were never needed!). Making sure Composer guests were warm enough/cool enough meant the heating was on and off like a yo-yo!!

Now we leave the May-hem behind as we glide into June.  Oh yes, by the way, Composer and Mrs C didn’t get the invite to the wedding – must have been lost in the post – but were actually in Windsor on Wedding Day – quite an experience!  The forecasts of mayhem and chaos around Windsor were greatly exaggerated – tens of thousands of people all seemed to be having a great time and (for once) the weather behaved beautifully.  Let’s hope it does so in June so guests can enjoy Northumberland – and Composers special offers!!