June is busting out……..

It’s in the song!  June is bustin’ out all over and, boy, were Rodgers and Hammerstein right! Outstanding in every respect, July has been bustin’ out in every direction. Certainly in the grounds and gardens of Composers.  Our Gardener, Peter, has been flat out trying to keep on top of the raft of jobs to be done. Add to that the annual visit from our commercial gardening company to do the ‘big’ jobs and then, finally, a big shout out to Mrs ‘C’ who has been frantically planting, moving, propagating and generally ‘fettling’ every tub, trough, basket and border with an array of plants and flowers that really have made Composers a riot of colour.

This year also proved that you can’t do many of the jobs until winter has well and truly departed – and for us in Northumberland, the Beast from the East put paid to any early work. The result has been that the warm weather with sun has been a catalyst for growing.  Our mighty conifers in the paddock and surrounding the perimeters of our properties were due for a major cut back at Easter time but the gardeners were afraid to cut until we were well clear of frost ( and snow!!).  Thankfully, that job is now done.

Our hanging baskets, toughs and tubs have received ‘well travelled’ plants – some coming from local suppliers, others from a garden centre in Kelso and the remainder travelling some 200+miles from Bury, Lancashire!  Thanks to a scheme for young adults with learning difficulties in Bury, their ‘Potting Shed’ business enabled us to order 8 hanging baskets and 4 large pots of well prepared plantings.  Ordered in February we had word that they were ready to collect on the last day of May!!  A trip for The Composer to his Lancashire roots was the ideal opportunity to collect the order!

There is no doubt that guests have really appreciated the range of colours in the courtyard area and the surrounding areas – and guests too have been bustin’ out – well, IN, actually, arriving at Composers from all over the UK, Canada and Europe throughout the past month.  So our cleaning and maintenance staff have been truly ‘busting’ busy with turnovers ahead of each incoming guests.

So, for now, we are keeping an eye on the glorious weather, hoping for more long, sunny, days for our summer holiday guests as we burst into July.