It’s hot, hot, hot! (moan, moan, moan!)

What is it about some people and weather?  As we bask in glorious hot days and have seen record temperatures it seems that this wonderful weather still brings out the moaners!

If it’s rainy and miserable in July, if thunderclouds hang around and the temperatures are well below ‘the average’ to enjoy a summer holiday in the UK, then moaners complain how bad it all is…………..douse us in the weather of the past days and the moaners still appear.

Upbeat TV sound bites start with tales of ice cream manufacturers stepping up production to meet demand, of bottled water producers gushing with tales of colossal sales, of BBQ sales hotting up and then ending with ‘heat wave’ weather pundits reminding everyone to use sunscreen factor 50 (concrete substitute!).  We are happy!  Then, along comes the moans…….hosepipe bans, buckled railway lines, melting road tarmac, drought levels at reservoirs and office air conditioning units that pack up under the strain.  We never seem happy unless there is a downside to good weather.

Funnily enough, this year’s stunning UK summer weather is something many of our European friends enjoy EVERY year.  How is it continental countries (dare I mention Spain?) who suffer low rainfall all year round actually have enough water stored to see them through the year and provide for their indigenous communities and the millions of holiday makers who appear annually in their country!

The Composer is beginning to wonder if Brexit is such a good thing…..will they take their weather with them when we leave?  Is this an issue that ‘Re-moaners’ should be worried about?  Oh, by the way, as this blog is penned the thunderstorms and rain, lighting and flash flooding, low temperatures and high winds have finally returned to large parts of the UK.  Now hot, hot, hot has gone and the moaners can pop their heads out and complain about the bad summer weather. You just can’t win!

Happy holiday folks, wherever you may be.  Remember, it’s not the wrong weather, it’s the wrong clothes!  Try Northumberland any season because, whatever the weather, we promise not to moan – we’re just glad to share this beautiful county with you!