Simply, The Best’!

Simply ‘the best’.  Everybody says it about SOMETHING. Supermarkets, stores and shops have top of the range brands using superlatives to set them apart from the rest – being either ‘super select’, ‘best choice’, ‘finest’, ‘superior’ or ‘the best’.

In commerce and industry we have’star ratings’, loved by trip sites, advisor sites and all manner of on-line purveyor who deliver anything from a tube of sweets to a car and then quiz the purchaser on ‘how good was our service’ or ‘did we excel today’ or ‘what is your opinion’ etc etc……oh, you know what The Composers is saying?!

Well, over the past months, Composers has been using superlatives, going totally over the top and way up on the finest, being streets ahead of superior and miles ahead of the best!  And that’s just the weather and our brilliant guests.

Let’s start with weather – that beloved subject of everyone.  It’s either too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet or just too much weather!  We are never satisfied – it is what it is and, thankfully, Northumberland has had its share of great weather, tempting guests to enjoy all manner of places, beaches, events and locations.

But the real stars this month have been our superlative (and beyond) guests, ranging from the youngest to the……..well, let’s just say, ‘the older’.  The Composer loves being in the hospitality industry – sometimes are better than others!  This month has been up there with some of the most wonderful times we have enjoyed, as guests have come and gone – enjoying what Composers at Woodlands, and the area, has to offer.

It would imprudent to name names, but if YOU were one of our August guests (though, to be fair, July was just the same!) you will know who you are, so we just want to say a massive, massive and completely over the top THANK YOU for staying with us!  It’s been manic busy and the washing and ironing pile has never looked larger. But, guess what? It was worth it to see the smiles on every face!

You were all simply, FAB-U-LOUS!