It mights as well rain until………….

Those are the opening lines of the 1962 song originally written for Bobby Vee by Carole King. And if they had added a quick by-line including ‘storm Ali’ they would have got September 2018 spot on!

What a month it has been! It started with such promise and Berwick never looked better as the Food and Drink festival (1st weekend) bathed itself in glorious daytime sun and warm evenings.  Moving on to the middle of the month and the Heritage Open Days and the now famous Honda Goldwing Light Parade and festivities (15th) all enjoyed good weather.  Then it went downhill for The Composer and Guests with 48 hrs of torrential rain and high wind which battered us and the rest of the country around the 19th.

Not one to let a storm get in the way, guests spent a romantic 8 hrs bathed in candlelight as power cables snapped in the 90mph wind recorded in Berwick.  A quick tour around the properties ensured everyone had the benefit of soft lighting to wile away the hours.  Thankfully, power was restored and no one suffered.  No candles were hurt in the making of the romantic evening!

Other than that, it’s been business as usual. Guests throughout the month enjoying all that Northumberland has to offer and relaxing in their cottages after glorious days out. Now, in the final week of September we are still hanging washing on the line to dry (the light wind helps no end!) and (regrettably) the grass still needs the attention of The Composer and his trusty steed, the ‘sit-on mower,’ to hurtle around grounds and pathways, mowing and keeping the place tidy!

Technically the meteorological boffins claim we have entered AUTUMN! Who cares what they call it? We are just loving the gentle days (ignoring the 19th!!) and watching our farmers studiously harvesting fields surrounding Composers  – a surreal sight at night as mysterious headlights criss-cross the open fields in the glow of Harvest moons.

Wherever you are, The Composer and crew wish you a peaceful time, without rain or storms and (dare we say it?) Snow!  Let’s hope Bobby Vee is finished singing about rain for a while, at least.