Stress, mess and less

The Composer is quite glad October is ended!  It’s been a hectic month with guests taking advantage of last minute breaks and the quieter autumnal weeks of golden sunrises and stunning sunsets.  The school calendar is more confusing than ever, creating a plethora of half term breaks that span the entire month.  It’s quite stressful making sure everyone can be accommodated at dates which suit. Thankfully, our flexible booking options give 3, 4, 5 and 7 nights breaks starting any day, which many people have obviously appreciated this month.

Stress is something we all suffer from and a break often helps reduce it, so our Composers calendar for October was well filled with many people simply escaping the ‘day to day’ in search of peace and quiet.  Reviews about us from the usual sources seems to prove the point – comments tell how being at ‘Composers’ is stress free, peaceful and yet rejuvenating!

The mess was the rather abrupt autumnal weather which brought about the downfall (literally) of leaves and garden detritus which seemed to accumulate in enormous piles at every corner. Thanks to diligent gardeners and maintenance staff, the paths, drives, lawns and hedges have been treated to their first autumn cut, prune, clear and clean though it’s inevitable there will be another session as November creeps in.  The Composer has been indulging in his ‘guilty pleasure’, out grass cutting but it looks like the bargain buy, £1,400 sit on-mower from 2009, may be on its last legs!!  They just don’t make things to last, do they?

Less, of course, in October, means the changing of the clock back an hour and less light in an evening and more in the morning – but had you noticed!!

Funny as it seems, The Composer & Mrs C are quite looking forward to November. A few days off and then a month planning and preparing for the traditional December and New Year welcome to guests. Here’s hoping we all stay stress-less! Well, we can dream!