Too much, too soon!

The Composer is sitting quietly in the office – November is slowly sinking into the past and The Composer has survived BLACK FRIDAY without venturing to spend money on the ‘essentials’ which every company in the world felt sure he needed!

The one fly in the ointment for The Composer is the (too soon!) November drone of Christmas music, festive adverts, TV commercials and other seasonal media offers.  The musical theme of one TV ad struck a chord (pardon the pun) as delivered by John Lewis courtesy of Sir Elton John, though on closer inspection it seems that John Lewis do NOT sell pianos!

Ah well, we are all now besotted with talking fruit and veg, celebrity endorsements of everything from A-Z and a fair smattering of food offers guaranteed to make every family table groan under the weight of it all.  Time to take stock (again, no pun) as festive fare is covered with every concoction of jus, gravy, sauce and dressing imaginable – without which Christmas food would simply not be ‘perfect’ – and that’s before we start on the alcohol offer!!

It’s all too much, too soon! Bookings filled, our Christmas and New Year guests look forward to festive fare as a part of the welcome pack.  But seriously, is it necessary?  It’s always ‘nice’ to offer a special seasonal welcome pack but it caused the team to think, “what happens if it’s not all eaten?”  After much thought, ‘Composers’ has come up with a plan for 2019 in respect of ‘waste’.

The Northern Soul Kitchen in Berwick (19 West St) will accept all useable food to create menu of dishes which are then sold/given to those in need. It’s a social enterprise with a difference. Anyone can use it, and you only pay what you can afford (if anything) or what you think the meal was worth. Even in a small community like ours, it’s a much needed lifeline. ‘Composers’ will be asking all guests (as they leave after their holiday) NOT to fill our waste bins with perfectly edible remnants of fruit, vegetables or dry goods, but to put them in our ‘SOUL-FUL’ box which we will take to the kitchen. We all waste far too much – but soon, we are going to help in a practical way!

Just a quick note – NORTHUMBERLAND has just won the Gold Award, No 1 destination in the UK according to the British Travel Awards beating Cornwall into second place whilst leaving other well known holdiay counties and destinations in their wake!! And its voted for by the public so it must be true! THANK YOU to the Great British Public

Oh, here’s a thought. As the December blog appears at the end of the month, may we, at Composers at Woodlands, wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a holiday-filled New Year.

We hope our greeting is not too much, too soon!