July – a load of balls

Try not to laugh or be annoyed at the title.  Let’s face it, July saw TV sets tuned in to various ‘ball games’ including Tennis, Netball and Cricket (nice one England!) and the star attraction of the month…….. The Composers Balls though for some reason they were not featured on TV!

Obviously, there are those who think that Wimbledon Tennis, Liverpool Netball and Lords Cricket all deserve prominence – and so they do, but MAYBE the Composers Balls deserve a mention.  What to do you think?

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The Composer takes pleasure in the transformation and hopes that guests also enjoy the new Reception area display. During the day, the fine sprays of water gently sooths away the stresses.  Up to 21.00hrs (when we close down in line with our economic power useage) the spheres glow with blue LED lights, under the water stream, to heighten the evening hours even more.

The first guests to view the transformation wanted to hire the crew that did the work for their own gardens – that’s never going to happen – that crew is the Composers secret ‘tour de force’.  New projects are planned as this Blog is created so there is much more to see around ‘Composers’ in the coming months.

It’s been a busy and bright month and our youngest guests keep us on our toes with questions, thoughts and tales of their adventures.  The Composer seriously wonders why they have to go to school in September – they are all FAR TOO SMART!

The season moves on and we look forward to August and more guests, young and old, visiting Composers at Woodlands – some for the first time and others making an annual journey to relax in the warmth and welcome of Northumberland. No sooner are the school holidays over and we’ll hurtle into September with the myriad events which happen in and around Berwick – more of that in the August blog. 

So you haven’t booked a weekend break or a week stay with us yet?  Time to do it now! Oh yes, and come and see the balls, too!