June – a testing time!

The Composer and Mrs C can now confirm ‘testing’ throughout June has been a huge success.

June gave the opportunity to test many different ‘things’!! Like……can a couple actually get away from their day jobs ‘in season’?  Can the same couple pack for a week into ONE suitcase? (you may ask why – we will tell you later) and having tested a variety of trades people we have finally found even more reasons to ‘shop local’ when choosing trades people to carry out work at ‘Composers’.

Let us re-wind. The answer to ‘getting away from the day job’ was a resounding YES!  June is NOT normally the time to go on holiday, but in 2019, having appointed our first NEW Service manager in over 10 years, she ran ‘Composers’ while The Composer and Mrs C went to France.  Nothing special in that EXCEPT this visit was by car from the UK (normally a fly-drive package is best – but not on this occasion).  In using the ‘little car’ so open top touring could be enjoyed, the downside was that such touring requires the roof to fold into the boot – reducing boot space to ONE CASE!

The Composer and Mrs C managed a whole week on one case of clothes (!!) while staff at ‘Composers’ managed everything else perfectly. A nostalgic visit to ‘Gold Beach’ in Normandy added to special time away.  The significance of the D-Day landings is never more keenly felt than when standing on that beach reflecting on events, which included family of The Composer, from75 years ago.

Back to reality and The Composer needed trades people for a variety of ‘jobs’.  It’s amazing how ‘on line enquiries’ bring a raft of requests for visit and on site assessments from all and sundry. In fairness to all, visits were set up, those that bothered to turn up were seen and STILL, local trades people came out on top – they visited, quoted and won the contracts. Our Nationwide suppliers and the like would do well to go back to the drawing board and realise that all the ‘waffle’ in the world is no substitute for the REAL THING.

All tests done and all jobs completed or in hand. The Composer and Mrs C looking forward to greeting seasonal guests as all our holiday services are tested by the most astute and critical guests – the children and young people we welcome during the school holidays!