May – a bit of a blur

May came and went in a blur.  It really has been a blur of activity, with 2 Bank Holiday weekends and ‘Composers’ at full stretch, with guests coming and going throughout the month.  There are other words to describe May, but The Composer refuses to spoil anyone’s holiday by discussing politics!

So this blog is short and to the point.

Once The Composer sees smiling faces and happy children then we all know things are going well. It appears that the new trampoline has found favour and the freshly mown grass in the paddock means that children (and the odd Dad!) have found time to burn off some excess energy! Not sure who gets tired the quickest but children seem to win every time with their boundless energy!

Heading up the 1st holiday weekend we watched our local beach become ‘busy’ – there must have been 30-40 people around when The Composers and Mrs C popped down for a walk…….boy, that is busy for our beach! As May progressed, we welcomed our ‘regular’ out of season guests, all taking advantage of special rates to enjoy an early break.

Come the end of the month and Composers was in overdrive again.  It’s been hectic! The only problem is that the various education authorities are picking differing dates leaving families juggling to fit in a break that matches school terms!  Thankfully, our four properties have coped well with short breaks and full week stay-cations.  Big thanks as ever to our teams of service staff because, without them, we would never be ready by 4pm for ‘arriving guests’.

Right now, The Composer and Mrs C are about to disappear for a few days of R&R and re-charge, ahead of returning to face the coming months which are already filled with more guests escaping the blur of everyday life, looking for a relaxing stay in the countries No 1 Holiday destination county.