S stands for….

The three S’s.  Super, Sad and Stupid!  All in one month.  We have enjoyed the ‘super’ thanks to the best  weather, here in Northumberland and throughout the UK, over the past month and especially at the  Easter weekend.  Guests really have entered into the spirit of the season with shorts and T-shirts in abundance!  That includes The Composer and Mrs C!

Everyone enjoys shedding the woolly jumpers, waterproof coats and wellies in favour of the lighter apparel.  And this month The Composer feels EXTRA super!  Guests from all over the UK have filled our properties. Turnovers have gone without a hitch thanks to our great service team, the grass has been cut (thanks to the new sit-on mower!) and our grounds team have been busy shaping shrubs and bushes along with a lot of new planting.  It seems that everything suddenly ‘turned green’ in the space of a week and now, with the super weather, the grounds of Composers look amazing.  No wonder The Composer is feeling super!

Of course, there is a ‘Sad’ part.  It’s when we say ‘goodbye’ to our guests as they leave. Getting to know our April guests has been wonderful, especially some of our youngest guests who make every week a real pleasure.  We find out so much about our own county from our guests – and the younger ones tell it just how it is!  Tales of adventure in castles, sunny days on the beach, boat trips to the Farne Islands, dropping into ice cream parlours and visits to all manner of attractions and visitor experiences have filled every day.  As usual, we are still told that there just wasn’t enough time to see it all.  Guests tell us they will be back!  We can’t wait to welcome them again.

As for the Stupid, we only have to look at the Causeway to Holy Island and watch our inshore lifeboat and rescue helicopter turning out to rescue the ‘stupid’.  These are the people who know better than to follow the tide timetable and find themselves stranded in cars as the tide surrounds them as they await the (FREE) emergency services.  Thankfully ‘Composer’ guests read the timetable and never get caught – we would hate to see them on the BBC local TV news!!

As the month of May beckons, ‘Composers’ continues to welcome guests, discovering Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, enjoying the long, sunny days we all hope will be around for the next months.