Keeping quiet

We’ve all heard of Chinese whispers and we all know that the end of the chain has a totally different ‘whisper’ to how it started. So, in this past month, The Composer has been very, very quiet…..schhhhhh, not a whisper. He’s been doing all sorts of things but…..schhhhhh, no one knew (apart from Mrs Composer  -eventually)

First, very secretive meetings with his computer to sort out details for 2017 Composers holiday season rates and offers. Then on to private conversations with a ‘friend’ planning not only a holiday but also a Birthday celebration during the holiday. Finally sneaky little checks on flights between Berwick International Airport (that’s a well kept secret!) also known as Edinburgh Airport, to book flights for Mr to meet Mrs Composer in their ‘other base’ in Wiltshire instead of being so far apart for weeks on end.

So the whisper started and ended up with a completed 2017 rates and offers chart (even bigger discounts for Symphony Club Members) plus Mr & Mrs Composer jetting off for a Spanish break (with friends – yes, we do have some!!), a very special birthday event while in Spain and a raft of airline bookings between north and south to ensure The Composers see one another in the next months!

The final secret was revealed only days ago when The Composers became grandparents again to the newest addition to the family, a girl by the name of Matilda. So now all the whispers are out in the open. No one missed us at Composers thanks to our amazing service manager and team looking after guests, the holiday has been and gone, the get togethers are not secret anymore and the latest addition to the family has already got a reputation for living up to her name as a bold and assertive person – ‘one who is battle-mighty’ – good luck with that, to the new Mum and Dad.

Keeping quiet is fun for a while – sharing secrets is even more fun. But don’t tell anyone!! Schhhhhhh………….