Mellow mists? Not here!

As September glides away, we are berated by all and sundry that ‘it’s autumn’ or ‘that on the 22nd Sept we experienced the equinox’ or (biggest laugh of all) ‘autumn has arrived’ – a bit like a package from Amazon!! This was the quote from the BBC news team on the 20th September ahead of other, surely, more important news about bombings in Syria and the return of our fabulous Paralympians. What inspirational people, eh? ( Paralympians not BBC!)

OK……. so, The Composer gets the message. Everyone thinks summer is over!!  EXCEPT…… us poor souls in Northumberland who are still prancing around in shorts, getting a sun tan and having a good time with glorious weather….Mellow? Nah!! Mists? Nah again!!

It’s true that the year is moving on. The fields around us have been mown and we now see birds start their migration from A to B (wherever that is) and there is a change in the air – sweeter – more tingly – slightly damp in a morning. Mellow isn’t here yet.  Even the harvest moon seemed far too cheery and wholesome.

What has mellowed at ‘Composers’ are the ‘autumnal guests’.  Away from the hustle and bustle of school holidays our guests now offer the different tempo (please do not be offended) of a slightly older generation.  They bring a relaxing pace and feel to our holiday location, but this is only temporary.  Half term beckons and we will, once again, be filled with cheery laughter, bubbly chatter and inquisitive little people.  Life will not be mellow then!

So, till we chat again – when we will surely already have been warned of the winter snow and gales by those ‘in the know’ – The Composer leaves you with the thought that, as he pens this blog, it’s less than 90 days to Christmas!! Who wants to be mellow?? Not The Composer!!