On time, in time and about time!

The Composers kept to his promise! The August blog is delivered ‘on time and in time’ for the month end and…… thank goodness he made it – unlike July! Hardly had the Olympians landed than he was sat, poised and ready to pen the blog. Unlike July, this has been a month of organisation and well planned management (and about time!)

With Northumberland basking in good weather our guests have enjoyed a month of holiday weeks in which the only ‘wet’ has been dips in the sea or our local swimming pool or the visit, which children thoroughly enjoy, to Alnwick Gardens and the play fountains which give hours of watery pleasure! The weather has also been calm enough for trips out the Farne Islands from Seahouses harbour, something many of our guests have taken advantage of.

Of course, August is a special month in Edinburgh and, again, many of our guests have taken time to venture north for the sights and sounds of the Festival and the famous ‘Fringe’. Every guest returns with their ‘favourite’ show, event or moment – our younger guests are quick to share their thoughts on everything from animated dancers to high wire performers!! It’s all free on the Royal Mile and a day is barely enough to take it all in. Regular train services from Berwick to Edinburgh take the strain and even the journey merited glowing remarks.

Being ‘on time’ also ensured that our staff completed the weekly round of cleaning and maintenance between departing and arriving guests. It’s always nice when guests make comment on the high standard of cleanliness and presentation when they arrive at ‘Woodlands’ and, even nicer, when they take time to thank our staff who are often unseen but vital to the management team and our success in keeping ‘Composers at Woodlands’ up to standard.

Now all that remains is to keep ‘in time’ with the rhythmic beat of life in Northumberland, enjoy the upcoming Berwick Food & Drink Festival weekend in early September and ensure that our guests take time out of busy lives to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of September here in the ‘Secret Kingdom’. So if you are reading this blog, why not make time to enjoy a bargain break in the coming months? Check out our offers page and then give The Composer a call. Go on – make time!