The month just flashed by!

The Composer is reeling! Not dancing, just spinning round in a daze! In contrast to his normal able and controlled self, The Composer has watched July evaporated – and it’s all been over in a flash!!

You would think that after (x) years (far too many to detail) of organising, planning and carrying out events, shows, broadcasts and performances to meticulous timetables that The Composer would organised the month of July into a semblance of order. Wrong – with a capital W!!

Sitting in the office on the 12th August it is sad that the monthly blog – due on 30th July – is 13 days late!! The month of July passed in a total tail spin and, 13 days into August, The Composer is finally sitting down, coffee at the ready and keyboard smouldering as the frantic pace of typing increases.   Today, like every other, will be over in a flash and it looks like the rest of August will go the same way.

Guests continue to come and go and seem to be well pleased with their first/return visit to Northumberland and ‘Composers’.  Guest expectations are high and, most times, we feel we satisfy even the most demanding of guests. This county is not known for being ‘flashy’. It’s the relaxing way of life which locals and visitors find beguiling – there is always time and the high tempo daily life, which so many want to escape through their holiday, really can happen in this gloriously peaceful county.

We have even found time to watch the Olympics and feel like we have run, jumped, swam, vaulted and rowed our way through the inevitable requests, questions and queries which our guests pose.  We hope we got the answers right! We also flashed through a raft of jobs on site, moved Mrs Composer into new accommodation in Gloucestershire as a part of our itinerant life in Social Care Management, helped a friend empty a family home ahead of a sale, entertained the 94 year (young?) Grande Dame of the family dynasty here in Berwick for a week and dashed around the UK meeting and greeting family and friends as time allowed.

As The Composer watches the last weeks of August merrily flash by he promises to make sure the next blog is posted on time.  Let’s face it, September must move at a more sedate pace, mustn’t it?