What happened to June?

I don’t know – you tell me?  What did happen to the month of ‘flamin’ June’?  Think of it as a ‘culinary’ month!!  It oozed Royal events (including The Composer’s Birthday!), was peppered with football, sprinkled with Wimbledon champers and strawberries and overflowed with ‘Composer’ Guests – sadly there was an over-indulgence of poor weather!! And the culinary options for a BBQ were severely hampered. Apart from that, it was June!

The Composer really thought all would be well and spent time in the gardens and grounds, along with Mrs C, taking the final steps to ensuring blossoming blooms and a riot of colour was clearly evident.  He even bought a fancy hose sprinkler attachment to water the hanging baskets!!  What a waste of money that was!  The Almighty saw that purchase and thought “ah ha, foolish man – you don’t know what I’m going to send”!

And so June arrived and seemed well above average in all respects. Then ‘IT’ happened…….the weather did not measure up to Her Majesty’s celebrations (well not in the far North ) and we suffered almost 2 weeks of insipid and dreary (the word up here is ‘dreek’) weather.  The Composer birthday brought gifts of special BBQ tools which are still in their wrapper, unused, and the heating is still running in our holiday properties ensuring guests are nice and warm as they watch sport on their TV’s.

There was one other real downside to June – the slap in the middle of the month when someone reminded The Composer that the nights are now drawing in and we are on our way to ……Christmas!!!  That’s more than enough abuse for one month.  Flamin’ June is now over and we seem to have found a chink in the sky – there is something up there and it is breaking through regularly…..it’s called the sun, heralding summer weather – warm and sunny (at last!). So whatever happened to June has happened and we look to July and hope for a warmer, drier and more amenable month, not just for us but for all those looking forward to their holidays.  Let’s hope in 30 days time we are not asking the question “what happened to July”.